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Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

Is Your Company Struggling With Shrinking Budgets?

Does Your Technology Cost Too Much? 

If your budget is stretched due to increased technology costs, you’ll benefit from using Microsoft Office 365. It integrates easily with your current I.T. systems, and offers increased:

  • Cost savings,
  • Flexibility,
  • Reliability,
  • Productivity 

Although there’s little question that you’ll save money with Microsoft Office 365, transitioning to the cloud should not be taken lightly. The required planning and procedures involved in a transition from an established I.T. infrastructure to a cloud environment is a major undertaking. This is difficult to do without assistance from a Microsoft Office 365 Expert.

Fortunately, Logical IT provides the expertise you need, with:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Consulting.
  • Microsoft Office Migrations.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Deployments.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support.

Consulting: Our professionals have the vast knowledge and and insight needed to customize Microsoft Office 365 to best align with your organizational goals. This improves your chances for a successful transition.

Migrations: With so the many products in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, migration is a challenge—But, not for the experts at Logical IT. We’ve done this, successfully for many businesses like yours. So you can be confident that your migration will run smoothly.

Deployments: To effectively align your business needs with Office 365, we’ll hold a “kickoff meeting” before the launch of the deployment project. We’ll design a process for tracking deployment risks or issues, and for generating project status reports, to ensure complete accuracy.

Support: Overcoming end-user resistance is essential for the successful use of Office 365. We provide the training and advice your staff needs to feel comfortable with, and adept at using Microsoft Office 365.

Stop the drain on your budget from inefficient and costly technology solutions. Take advantage of the cost savings and other benefits Office 365 provides. But don’t go it alone. Contact the experts at Logical IT for your Microsoft Office 365 Consulting. (616) 712-3290

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