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Managed IT Services

Logical IT’s Managed Services Takes Care of Your IT So You Can Take Care of the Things That Matter

At Logical IT, we understand the challenges you face each day; but dealing with IT issues should not be one of your concerns. Our Managed IT Service gives you the benefit of our knowledgeable IT experts who will skillfully administer your system ensuring optimal performance leaving you free to concentrate on serving your clients.

Our Managed IT Service can be customized to meet your specific needs and maximize your value. Whether you require reliable system monitoring, resolution to a specific problem, or need expert guidance on hardware or software purchases, Logical IT can tailor a solution for you.

  • Knowledgeable IT Services to Ensure Trouble-Free Operation

We understand the importance of your systems to the well-being of your company. This is why we proactively provide critical IT Management services daily for all clients participating in our remote monitoring service.

  • All-Inclusive Managed IT Services Save You Time and Money

We offer an all-inclusive Managed IT service that guarantees a fixed, monthly fee. In addition, we can help you save on additional costs with competitive pricing on hardware and software, as well as cloud-based hosting services.

  • Speedy, Dependable Issue Resolution

When issues do occur our technical experts typically resolve issues remotely within one hour before the issue compounds into something more serious. On the rare occasion when we can’t fix the problem remotely, we will elevate and dispatch a technician to make everything right. We will do what it takes to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

  • Security and Patch Maintenance

As part of our managed services arrangement, we verify that all outstanding security updates and patches have been applied. Our goal is to help you meet all regulatory standards for which you are responsible and minimize the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.

  • We Pledge To Do Only What You Need

Prior to entering into a managed services agreement, we conduct an assessment of your current IT environment and based on this, propose the service level appropriate for your immediate needs. We will never “up sell” something you don’t really need and will provide full transparency so you can be confident you are receiving the best possible value from your IT investment.

  • Logical IT Monitoring Ensures Little Problems Don’t Get Out of Hand

We provide comprehensive, 24 hour-a-day monitoring of your systems. Our goal is to take care of issues quickly and efficiently to ensure your business continues to operate unaffected.

Logical IT provides professional services excellence to companies across Michigan. Call (616) 712-3290 or email us at to book your no-obligation IT review with a Logical IT expert today.


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