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The Big IT Company Guys Don’t Have Time for You

Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale often boast about their small class sizes.

Students get more attention from their professors and a better overall university experience. At Logical IT, we take a similar approach.

The biggest IT companies aren’t able to give their clients the level of focus and care that Logical IT does, because they just have too many clients. They’re stretched too thin. Providing all of their clients with closer individual care would mean they would have to drop a few clients, and they’d rather not lose that revenue, even if it means they’re not providing the best experience possible.

Yes, we’re here to make money too, but frankly, we don’t have enough clients to offer anything but the best care possible. If we lose a client, it has a huge impact. The biggest IT companies can lose a client or two without it affecting them much.

Logical IT doesn’t have any clients at all, actually. We only have partners, because we only succeed if you succeed.

We Talk About Business Value, Not Technology Itself

You’re no IT expert. When some techie starts talking shop and getting into all the acronyms and other industry-specific lingo, it sounds like an entirely different language.

We’re not going to bother you with any explanations you need a couple Cisco certifications to even understand.

Instead, we like to talk about business value, not the technology itself.

Small to medium-sized companies can really benefit (read: save a lot of money) from relying less on on-site equipment and more on cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Servers require a large upfront investment, and they also come with never-ending electricity and maintenance expenses. Transitioning from owning your own servers to renting remote access to someone else’s servers allows you to drop those expenses completely.

And the benefits of cloud computing don’t stop at the savings: migrating to the cloud frees your workers from their desks, and you’ll be amazed at how much faster projects get completed when workers can access business data remotely and collaborate from home, coffee shops, or any other place and time of their choosing in addition to office hours.

We’ll help you migrate to the cloud, and we’ll maintain and optimize the equipment you have in the office.

Let’s forget for a moment about how we maintain your equipment and talk about what such maintenance actually does for you.

We’ll make sure outdated hardware is upgraded before it fails and we’ll protect network from the attempts of cybercriminals, so you’ll experience less downtime. Less downtime will keep your clients happy and your employees motivated, and you’ll get more production/value out of the equipment you’ve already invested in.

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