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Enterprise IT Experience for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

With Logical IT, you’re not just getting an IT company with decades of experience.

You’re getting an IT company that has decades of experience collaborating with international consulting firms. We’ve learned from some of the largest and most well-connected IT companies on the planet, and we know how to use that invaluable experience to cut costs and make employees more efficient for businesses of any size.

The problem with those high-powered consulting firms is that they’re only concerned with getting more revenue and the biggest possible clients. They want to put the McDonald’s logo on their white papers and brag about how they’re the ones serving those who serve billions, and SMBs fall through the cracks.

With smaller organizations getting ignored by the very best talent that IT has to offer, they often have to deal with managed service providers that offer basic server monitoring services and not much else.

We’ve heard the horror stories: the worst of these so-called “providers” even raise unnecessary concern just to create more work for themselves and make it look like they’re more effective than they truly are.

That’s not how we do things here.

Logical IT doesn’t have to make up busy work because we’re always busy with proactive support, anyway. We’ll respond to problems quickly, sure, but we’d prefer that you didn’t have those problems in the first place. That’s we constantly assess your systems, and we’re always testing hardware to make sure it isn’t in danger of failing, always searching for weaknesses in your network so that we can find them and fix them before a cybercriminal takes advantage.

We’re also hook you up with the latest efficiency-improving (read: cost-cutting) developments in technology so that you can save money on your IT budget and use it to address other needs.

This includes migrating to cloud servers and eliminating the upfront, electricity, and maintenance costs associated with owning your own equipment. Also, we’ll set you up with a VoIP system that allows you to take and make calls over the internet, which is much more affordable than traditional phone systems.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for the Future

A lot of smaller organizations get so caught up with fixing the latest tech problem-of-the-week that don’t take the time to start planning for the future.

Of course, sometimes it’s more a concern with money than it is with time. An average CIO takes home at least a $100,000 salary. Most SMBs can afford to invest that much in someone who isn’t absolutely vital to day-to-day operations, or to anyone at all, really.

But expert consulting doesn’t have to run you six figures, because an in-house CIO isn’t necessary. With Logical IT, you get individualized and detailed strategy and long-term thinking from the minds of industry experts at the same flat rate that takes care of network security, equipment maintenance, cloud migration, and more.

Do you know where you want to be a year from now? 5 years from now? Logical IT will sit down with you so we can both understand what your goals are and what needs to be done to establish and support your growth.

We’ll help you logically figure out each step that needs to be taken for your IT infrastructure to accommodate that 5-year plan. That’s why we’re called Logical IT.

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