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Beaumont Health Systems Trusts Logical IT to Take On The Challenge

When a three-hospital regional health system including over 30 000 employees was planning to merge, they needed an IT company they could trust to take on the enormous challenge. Thankfully, Logical IT was sent in and was able to offer the technical expertise needed for a seamless merge.

Healthcare IT Services

When an organization begins to outgrow the services being provided by its original IT partner, major complications can start to arise. An organization can be presented with significant setbacks as it tries to find a partner that can handle its needs.

A Rapidly Expanding Staff & Additional Facilities That Required A Rebuilt IT Strategy!

With the goal in mind to undergo a merger of three hospital systems in the Detroit Michigan area, Beaumont Health Systems knew it would need help creating a change in IT strategy.

First and foremost was the sheer volume of work that needed to be completed, and where to start work streams in order to allow the most efficient gains. Along with this, a plan to migrate all three Active Directory structures into a single newly created Active Directory Forest was needed. Another challenge being presented was integration and buy in from the three independent IT staffs being merged – this made completing a merger plan difficult where all departments were required.

An Integrated & Reliable IT Infrastructure That Can Support Their Needs!

Fortunately for Beaumont Health Systems, Logical IT was contacted by Microsoft to help due to their level of experience with large customers as well as extensive Active Directory and Exchange migration experience and expertise.

Logical IT held a two week workshop to determine the best course of action for the integration of the three entities into a new single Active Directory Structure to support all 30,000+ employees, and a migration plan was derived that allowed for multiple work streams to run parallel. With a proven track record of successful migrations, Logical IT was able to help identify possible pitfalls and hold-ups before they had the chance to happen.

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