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Configuring a Barracuda Archiver to Connect to Exchange 2013

We all know that Exchange 2013 changed the game when it comes to how professionals connect, and largely how Outlook Anywhere or RPC over HTTP function. If you have configured a Barracuda Archiver before, you’re all too familiar with the Add New Server screen, however, now we have a new option to select if we are using Exchange 2013.

Barracuda Exchange

There is not a lot of documentation out there today as to what this needs to be configured with, so here is the break down that you need to know! The Barracuda Deployment Guide ( does a nice job of giving the high level info you need, and it references the Service Account setup that is required,

Exchange Barracuda

Once you have the Service Account setup however, it gets a little more vague.  In order to properly connect to Exchange, you’re going to need a couple pieces of information, the most important of those being the ExchangeGUID for the service account you setup.

Get Your ExchangeGUID

To get the Exchange GUID open the Exchange Management Shell and type command below: Get-Mailbox “SVCAccount” | fl Name, ExchangeGUID

Exchange Server Barracuda

Make sure you copy that ExchangeGUID somewhere because you will need it!

Configure Barracuda Archiver

Now, back to your Archiver Configuration.

Barracuda in Exchange

There are six (6) places for data entry in the Add New Server screen:

  • Name your Configuration: Exchange 2013 (your choice)
  • This is where we need that GUID. This entry has to be the ExchangeGUID for the service account you created and @ your domain name.
  • Something similar to:
  • Username of the Service Account that you created
  • Password for the Service Account
  • Proxy Server address for your environment, This is commonly the address you used for Outlook Anywhere.
  • This will go gray as soon as you fill in space 5

As you can see, my configuration looks something like this:

Barracuda Configuration

This will allow your Archiver to connect successfully to Exchange 2013!

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